Best Grind and Brew Coffee Maker of 2020

What is the best grind and brew coffee maker on the market today? I’ve already sifted worthy models while keeping in mind the regular drip coffee lovers and those of you who prefer espresso-based drinks.

All coffee makers in my review are equipped with a burr grinder. The blade grinders are not an option when looking for the best final cup because they provide less consistent coffee ground.

They all can grind and brew a cup of coffee for you, but they’re all different. Espresso machines can be semi-automatic and super-automatic. They allow you more or less room for experiments, and both models in my review are the most affordable in their category.

The drip coffee makers are different in the level of control they provide. The Breville Grind Control is the most advanced maker with rich grind settings but also the most expensive one. The Capresso CoffeeTeam is in the middle and Cuisinart Grind & Brew is the basic long-selling model with lower grind control and lower price tag.

Each models mini-review begins with a brief one-paragraph description to save your time on future reading. The actual dimensions are provided rather than the inbox dimensions you may find in online shops. Hope, you will find it useful.

DeLonghi Magnifica Super-Automatic Espresso/Coffee Machine, ESAM3300

DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super-Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine with Built-in Grinder
The best value for money in super-automatic category.
1,150 Watts14″(H)x11″(W)x16″(D)

DeLonghi Magnifica is a super-automatic and most affordable espresso machine with high customization of the final cup. ESAM3300 provides the best options to price ratio among the competitor super-automatic grind and brew machines. It’s handy to operate because everything is accessible from the front side, including the water tank.

Although it’s a super-automatic one button grind and brew machine you can’t program it for a delayed brew at mornings. But it eliminates a lot of operations you need to do manually while using semi-automatic or manual machines like a proper coffee ground tamping. Even more, you don’t need to pass thought the beginner barista learning curve.

convenient maintenance

The engineers and designers worked well on making it easy to use this model in limited space. A massive 60 oz water tank is also accessible from the front of the machine. Measured as 14″ high, 16″ depth and 11″ width. You can put it under the cabinet, and 18″ of space will be enough to open the bean hopper comfortably.

The double boiler system heats water fast and evenly reducing your wait time between cups and guarantees the ideal temperature while brewing. Good performance, handy design, and huge water tank make ESAM3300 capable to serve 20 cups a day easily.

The built-in burr grinder allows adjustment of fineness of the coffee grind. But as any super-automatic, ESAM3300 is not friendly to the oily beans. Medium roast is recommended. You also can temporarily turn the grinder off and put pre-ground coffee in a separate channel. This option is useful if you’ve asked for a cup of decaf coffee.

The box contains the machine, user manual, instructional DVD, warranty information, one water quality testing strip, and a bottle of descaler. All you need to start is coffee beans and water.

Breville Grind Control Drip Coffee Maker, BDC650BSS

Breville BDC650BSS Grind Control Coffee Maker
Modern electronic and silent grinder.
1,110 Watts17¼”(H)x9″(W)x12″(D)

The only grind and brew drip coffee maker that employs the current development in electronic and usability while competitors seem dated. It is fully automatic, programmable, equipped with a relatively silent burr grinder and a water level sensor that will not allow you to mess up.

Well, it’s about time! This coffee maker senses the water level electronically and displays it on its LCD. If you select cups greater than the level in the water tank, the LCD will display “fill tank” message and the water tank symbol will flash. It also beeps when the water level becomes lower than the current brew size setting.

Calibration mode

Grind amount calibration is a unique feature for this model. If you have scales with 1 g or better precision you can ask the coffee maker for a test grind, then report the measured weight back to the machine.

Another useful feature is switching the coffee maker from ounces to milliliters. To do this press and hold two middle knobs, “cup” and “strength”. I found this very useful when using it in “single cup” mode because it allows adjustment to any mag size. But this feature is not listed in the current user manual.

The grinding fineness has 6 level settings and is easily accessible, see the knob on the top of the machine. You also may choose from 8 strength levels which control the coffee amount used while brewing. Coupled with the grinder calibration feature mentioned above – this brings a great control over the final cup. You also can temporary disable the build-in grinder and put pre-ground coffee in the basket.

The water tank capacity is 12-Cup (60oz). It is accessible from the front of the coffee maker and equipped with a flip-top lid for convenience. The thermal carafe means no heating plate but its decent quality and keeps the coffee hot well enough. This model has no water charcoal filter.

Comes with reusable gold-tone filter, cleaning brush, carafe and an instruction pamphlet. Compatible with 8-12 Cup Flat Bottom paper filters. Measured as: 9 inches wide, 12 inches deep and 17¼ inches tall.

Breville the Barista Express Espresso Machine, BES870XL

Breville the Barista Express Espresso Machine, BES870XL
The best value for money in semi-automatic category.
1600 Watts15¾”(H)x13¼”(W)x12½”(D)

Semi-automatic espresso machine with better overall quality than anything else at its price. It has 15 bar pump, conical burr grinder, precise temperature control, and temperature adjustment that allows you up or down 4°F from factory set temperature in 2-degree increments. In many ways, BES870XL outperforms more expensive espresso machines.

Although BES870XL allows great control over the final result and may count as the best affordable machine, you need to know or learn about espresso extraction to operate it. If you need just an easy espresso without heading to the nearest coffee shop, you may want to consider a super-automatic model like DeLonghi ESAM3300.

Single & Dual Wall filter baskets

Even if you are a novice, you will be able to make a good shot because BES870XL comes with pressurized and non-pressurized versions of a single and double cup filters.

The pressurized filter version allows a larger margin for error while adjusting grind settings and grind amount. At the same time, non-pressurized filters give a more challenging experience for those who already mastered espresso.

BES870XL is an improvement over its predecessor 860 model. The redesigned hopper is easy to remove, sealed and has a capacity of ½ lb. More precise PID temperature regulator now controls the temperature constancy. Breville equipped this model with hot water dispenser, added an auto shut-off function, and gave more watts power to the heating element.

The conical stainless steel grinder has 16 grind settings that allow you to fine-tune the grind size for the perfect shot. It grinds well enough for espresso.

The BES870XL Barista Express dimensions are 13¼ inches wide, 12½ inches deep and 15¾ inches tall.

Capresso CoffeeTeam 10-Cup Digital Drip Coffee Maker, 465 TS & 464 GS Models

CoffeeTEAM TS&GS Coffee Maker with Grinder
1,000 Watts15½”(H)x9½”(W)x10″(D)

This grind and brew drip coffee maker allows choosing from glass and stainless-steel carafe. TS model comes with thermal carafe and has no heating plate, while the GS model is equipped with a glass carafe and will heat your coffee up to 2 hours after the brewing.

Grinder Adjustment

The built-in burr grinder has five grind settings, and it is relatively loud. You can select from fine to coarse by rotating it’s 6-ounce bean hopper. You also can temporarily turn the grinder off and put your pre-ground coffee in the basket.

You also can adjust the coffee strength with the “Aroma” button by selecting one of three possible values. As a result, the grinder will grind less of more coffee for selected cups amount.

Yes I know, selecting a different cup amount is another way to tune the coffee strength. This model allows it in both ways because it will brew until the water tank is depleted. I found this approach inconvenient and outdated, especially because this brewer has a non-detachable water tank. I hold my hand up for more pricey Breville BDC650BSS for its great adjustability and electronic water control.

Capresso CoffeeTeam comes bundled with reusable gold-tone filter, can be programmed for a delayed brew and has a charcoal filter – a good option for tap water. Measured as: 9½ inches wide, 10 inches deep and 15½ inches tall.

Cuisinart Grind & Brew Thermal 12-Cup Automatic Drip Coffee Maker, DGB-900BC

Cuisinart DGB-900BC Grind Brew Thermal 12 Cup Automatic Coffee Maker With Grinder
720 Watts15½”(H)x8¼”(W)x10″(D)

An automatic drip coffee maker with a built-in burr grinder that has been on the market for more than a decade. Can be programmed for a delayed brew, comes with a reusable coffee filter, thermal carafe and a water filter inside the tank, but has a relatively loud grinder.

The Cuisinart has kept this model for a long time while other models were redesigned, discontinued and “new and improved” replacement models were released. Finally, they put DGB-900BC in the discontinued section on their website, but it still is in stocks and available for purchase.

In 2020, DGB-900BC does not look as impressive as before. But it’s still actual because it costs about twice less than modern Breville BDC650BSS and does the job.

The conical burr grinder is rather loud and equipped with 8 oz (ca. 302 g) bean hopper. The mill has no knob to adjust the grind fineness. You can select between one of three coffee strength settings and ask it to brew more or fewer cups than you have water in the tank. Both ways are only changing coffee to water proportion. You also can turn the grinder off and put pre-ground coffee in the basket.

The reusable gold-tone basket-style filter can save some money on disposable paper filters. This coffee maker can brew from 2 to 12 cups and alert user with a “beep” sound when finished. Measured as: 8¼ inches wide, 10 inches deep and 15½ inches tall.

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