Best 4 Cup Coffee Maker of 2020

There are not so many decent quality 4-cup coffee makers on the market today because most of the manufacturers have moved their production to Chinese factories to reduce the price. In this review, I listed the most exciting items you can buy online today.

My list is not sorted by rank or alphabetical order. I put several models at the top of this list because they may be interesting for using in different environments. The first coffee maker is compact and thanks to non-fragile steel carafe it is nice for camping or any other outdoor activity. The second coffee maker has a better build quality and makes good brew but comes with a glass carafe and has no automation. The third coffee maker is an automated money saver with reusable permanent filter. In the end, I’ve added a couple of Mr. Coffee models.

This list contains coffee makers that have a capacity from 20 to 30 oz or 2-3 coffee mugs, no matter how their brands name them.

Cuisinart 4-Cup Coffee Maker with Stainless-Steel Carafe, DCC-450BK

Stainless steel carafe, 30 min. automatic turn off.
550 Watts10″(H)x5.2″(W)x8″(D)

Very compact, one switch coffee maker with automatic 30 minutes turn-off feature. Stainless steel carafe makes it a good choice for camping, adapting this coffee maker for your RV or any other usage where compact size and non-fragile carafe are essential.

The 4-cup stainless steel carafe has an actual capacity of 20 oz or 600 ml. It may be taken from the heating plate in the middle of the brewing process to pour a cup. The flow of coffee will stop while it will keep on brewing your coffee into the filter basket. The filter basket can hold the coffee for 30 seconds. You need to return the carafe in place before the filter basket is filled up.

After 30 minutes from the brewing start, it will automatically turn off and stop heating your coffee. If you drink two cups in the morning and it takes more time – maybe you better go with another model.

This coffee maker comes without a permanent filter. Compatible with #2 cone paper filters or you can purchase the Cuisinart GTF-4 Gold Tone Filter.

Zojirushi ZUTTO® 5-Cup Drip Coffee Maker, EC-DAC50

Single switch, no automatic turn off, water filter.
650 Watts10¼”(H)x5¾”(W)x9¼”(D)

Simple one-button model from Japanese brand with water purifying filter. Despite the lack of programming features and automatic turn off, it deserved a high rating from customers. Almost 80% of users give it 4/5 to 5/5 “stars” ratings. This model is a fantastic result for a mass-produced coffee maker nowadays!

Zojirushi is a Japanese company that own production in China, Thailand, and Japan. They provide an excellent good spare-parts supply from the website, everything from top cover to carafe.

This coffee machine makes really hot coffee. It starts from the lower temperature of brewing and then it rises up till 200°F. Fine ground coffee will produce the best results.

The mark at 5-cups gives about 25 oz of coffee. The permanent gold filter may not fit perfectly, and the plastic top may stay open a little, but this model is also compatible with cone-shaped #2 paper filters.

It’s about 10¼” high, width is 5¾” and depth is 9¼”. The reservoir is about 7″ high. You would need a minimum of 17.5″ to completely remove the reservoir.  

Kenmore 5-Cup Digital Coffee Maker, 80509

Programmable delay, 2-hours automatic turn off.
650 Watts15.3″(H)x10.3″(W)x12″(D)

Slightly bigger capacity coffee maker with programmable brew delay and 2-hours automatic turn off. Kenmore stands with 6 oz cup size. So, this 5-cup item has 30 oz carafe. Overall build quality is a bit better than the modern Mr. Coffee models have.

No need to spend extra money on paper filters because it has a basket-shaped gold-tone reusable filter out of the box. But if you prefer replacing the filer rather than cleaning the permanent one you can go with #4 paper filter as well.

It also allows you to pour a cup of coffee before the brew is finished. But please don’t rush and be careful with the glass carafe, because this glass is thin, and it looks like Kenmore does not offer replacement carafes separately for this model.

Easy to disassemble and reassemble, so it also fits nicely in a dishwasher.

Mr. Coffee Simple Brew 5-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker, CGX7-RB

Programmable delay, 1-hour automatic turn off.
700 Watts9.7″(H)x6.5″(W)x8.5″(D)

Classic functionality coffee maker with 1-hour automatic turn-off feature and programmable delayed brew. The carafe capacity is about 25 oz.

Comes without filter pack. So, you need to buy basketstyle paper filters or Mr. Coffee part no. 6659 4-Cup Permanent Filter right away.

At first sight, it presents the same functionality as its non-programmable brother, but I recommend you go with: Kenmore 80509 – if you need automatic turn off or delayed brewing, or consider Zojirushi ZUTTO – if you are comfortable without automation.

Both variants from Mr. Coffee are designed for flat bottom filters that are not the best choice for coffee extraction. And people found that modern Mr. Coffee products in the “tiny coffee maker” segment have not the same quality as before.

Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Switch Coffee Maker with Gold Tone Filter

Single switch, no automatic turn off, reusable filter.
650 Watts9.64″(H)x7.12″(W)x6.14″(D)

This one-switch model is simple to use, comes with a reusable filter and on/off indicator light on the front of the device, where it is always visible. This 4-cup coffee maker is a good choice for those who prefer simple classic functionality devices rather than modern programmable machines. The carafe’s actual capacity is about 20 oz.

Grab-A-Cup Auto Pause feature allows you to pour a cup before the brewing cycle is completed. The coffee maker stops the flow of coffee once you remove the carafe and keeps brewing while storing the coffee internally. You have about 30 seconds to put the carafe back onto the heating plate.

It’s easy to clean and fill with water without overflow. The filter basket is removable. This model comes with a flat bottom gold-tone permanent filter but you can use the paper filters as well.

Unfortunately, the next-generation model has a poorer user experience. So, if you need a simple coffee maker – hurry up and take this one until it goes out of stock. 

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