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About CoffeeMaker.zone

The idea of “CoffeeMaker” came to my mind when my friend asked me to help her find a good coffee maker for her home. She browsed for reviews at her working place. Yes, we are guilty. I noticed that the pages she looked at had mutually exclusive statements. Like when a drip coffee maker is honored for “best espresso machine under 150 bucks”. Next, I told her about the difference of inbox und actual device dimensions and how the coffee maker will fit into her kitchen.

She practically used me when she said that I am so attentive and should help her to go through this mess! While selecting the proper model for my friend, I realized how many people are looking for “the best thing for”. And how much time they spend reading the reviews.

My other friend spends at least a couple of weeks each time he is choosing a new thing online. But he never did any business online, and his specialization is far away from any IT job. He is unable to detect a website that looks like the owners cherish their reputation. My friend also had trouble finding sources for real people experience.

My friends’ stories pushed me to start writing for this project. If you are trying to figure out which product is best for you, I believe you will find this blog useful.